Services, Classes, and Prices


First-Time Client 
75 minutes $125
It’s important to have time for a thorough intake/consultation to discuss goals and expectations for treatment.  This process takes 15-20 minutes and allows for the session to be tailored specifically to your needs.   The actual massage time is 60 minutes.
Custom/Client Centered Massage
30 minutes $55 / 60 minutes $99 / 90 minutes $150
All deep tissue and Swedish massages are booked through this menu item.  There are many massage techniques and we will match them appropriately to your particular needs.
Lymphatic Drainage
30 minutes $55 / 60 minutes $99 / 90 minutes $150
Lymph congestion (swelling) can result from injuries, surgeries, removal of lymph nodes, lack of movement, or tight clothing.  This massage is a gentle and extremely effective mover of fluid that cannot clear on its own.  Manual techniques serve to ‘kick-start’ the lymphatic system and help it to gain proper function.  If you have a compromised lymphatic system due to a surgery or breast cancer, we will teach you the strokes to help reduce fluid retention.
Muscle Restore Technique for Migraines
6 consecutive 30 minute sessions $390
Specifically for migraine headache patterns, these sessions focus on neck, back, and gluteal muscles.  These muscle groups have been found to contribute to recurring migraines and once coaxed out of a contracted, over-stretched and weakened state, headache patterns will improve.  About 85% of clients experience significant, noticeable, lasting relief from the six week protocol.
Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage 
60 minutes $120
For several thousand years, Ayurvedic medicine has placed emphasis on prevention of illness. It is a holistic system that includes protocols for diet and nutrition, herbs, exercise, spirituality and body treatments that integrate all of the above. Abhyanga is a body treatment that uses copious amounts of warmed oil and choreographed, rhythmic strokes. The effect is a kind of lulling for the nervous system. As such, for centuries Ayurvedic physicians have prescribed abyhyanga massage in order to change and eventually alleviate anxiety, insomnia, depression or headache patterns. This soothing-to-the-nervous-system massage facilitates a deep sense of being centered in the body and mind. It’s a great massage during times of unusual stress and is also prescribed by Ayurvedic physicians to help the body and mind transition from one season into the next.
Just for Soles
30 minutes $55
The most requested ‘spot’ treatment on the most neglected part of our bodies.  Feet have a complex anatomy of many bones, fascia and tendons.  Because we often don’t explore our full range of movement, these tissues can become ‘glued’ over time.  Massage techniques that concentrate on freeing muscle from fascia from tendon will help your feet move more freely and efficiently and help them feel so much better.  See our foot care class below to supplement this treatment.



Foot Care
90 minutes – (private or small group) $150
Learn both preventive and curative foot-care techniques.  You will learn basic foot anatomy, proper weight distribution, foot exercises, stretches, and balance poses that bring in the energetic awareness of being grounded.  This class will also show you how to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the feet.  Your feet do not have to hurt!  Please gather a group of three or more to receive the group price.  This class is scheduled by appointment.  Individual sessions may be scheduled during the day; groups will be scheduled evening or Saturdays.
Lymphatic Training
90 minutes – (private or small group) $150
You will learn lymphatic anatomy, how to perform lymphatic drainage strokes, and the order of areas to treat depending upon your particular problem area.  Lymphatic massage by trained therapists is very effective; and with training, you can learn to do the technique in way that alleviates your edema issues.  This protocol can be applied to axillary node dissections for breast cancer patients or any surgery that has left an area of edema.
30 minutes – $55
A daily protocol of self massage from the Vedic tradition.  It is both a skin care routine, as well as a grounding, centering, mind-body meditation that creates a sense of peace and well-being.  This daily protocol is easy to add to your self-care repertoire because it can be done just before or after showering.