How do I know which massage service I should request? 

The intake is a time to listen carefully to your history in order to create an appropriate session.  Massage therapists develop good palpation skills enabling them to literally feel in what way soft-tissue is the problem.  The kind of soft-tissue that is the problem can also be determined.  Additionally, experienced massage therapists are able to ‘cue-in’ to the response of the nervous system.  The feed-back loop between the nervous system and tissue is a critical one, and massage therapy serves as a modality that reteaches the right balance.  Massage acts as treatment and as assessment; the techniques used are therefore fluid as opposed to a ‘menu’ item. Custom Massage is the title that allows for various techniques to be used as appropriate. Often, clients will receive a combination of several within a single session. 

Specialized techniques that do need to be requested specifically by you are:  Ayurvedic, lymphatic, migraine protocol, or foot treatment.